Hello! I’m John Mitchell (or just John) and I’m transgender, queer and many other things. I’ll just say right away that ‘John’ is a pseudonym, one partly based on the name my parents gave me. I’m a terribly private person and though I’ll try to be as honest as possible in this blog, I will not reveal that other name. It is a good name and I’m attached to it, even though it captures only a part of who I am. If you’ve got guesses, keep them to yourselves, please.

This blog is for me to share my experiences as a person currently exploring and discovering my place in the gender spectrum and so far it seems clear that  the sex I was born to is not entirely right. This is also a form of therapy and a way to clear at least some of the confusion in my head. And also it is a place were I can complain about stuff.

I’m willing to answer questions, given that they aren’t disrespectful or rude. This my space and I reserve the right to remove any comments and such that I think willfully ignore this.

Otherwise, you’re most welcome!

PS: Before reading my blog posts, I suggest you go to the Introduction, where I talk a bit more about my history and why I decided to put up this blog/website.


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